If You Dream It ...

A Garden Journal
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"Creating your Dream Garden begins with imagining it first."

Manifesting anything we desire begins with imagining it first. If we think about it, anything that has ever been created, initially began with the idea. 


This journal is designed to help you manifest your dream garden. Through years of experience designing and installing different styles of gardens, I’ve developed a series of questions that will help you discover what you desire in your garden.


Each page of this journal provides prompts that help you not only visualize your garden, but also imagine experiencing it with all your senses, as if it already existed. The more detailed we can envision the garden and how we feel in it, the more real it will become.


"Why do you need this garden (e.g., it is a place to connect to the earth, a place to breathe deeply, a place to be away from it all)? Take the time to go into detail about why this matters."

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